Frequently Asked Questions

You lucked out! What’s the Sign? Is actually geared for ASL students! The vocabulary covered inside the app is aligned with the majority of ASL textbooks nationwide. You’ll have to do the studying and the practicing, though. We’re rooting for you!

The content of the What’s the Sign? dictionary link provided inside the TRUE+WAY ASL textbook is similar to What’s the Sign? found here. The main difference is that this version of What’s the Sign? is mobile-friendly! Some students choose to purchase a subscription to What’s the Sign? in addition to their ASL textbook, which is absolutely fine. 

Absolutely! What’s the Sign? is for everyone – from those just starting out, to certified, seasoned interpreters, children of Deaf adults, and more!  We at What’s the Sign? are a fully-Deaf team and we often check the app for a sign here and there from time to time. Just like English, we look up words on a daily basis. It’s the same for ASL! Have this app handy, ready, at your fingertips for whenever you need to look up a sign!
Yes! Being fluent in a language doesn’t mean that you don’t need a dictionary in that language! Do you know the ASL sign for Cryptocurrency? Can you sign out all the different regional variations for Cheat? Try our 3-day trial and see how many signs you learn from our dictionary!

Actually, What’s the Sign? is specifically for American Sign Language (ASL), which is used in United States and Canada.  If you’re in any other country than the United States and Canada, please seek out the Deaf community in your country and learn their sign language. Yes, there are hundreds of different sign languages all over the world! Some countries have several signed languages!  The United States and Canada also have quite a number of sign languages in addition to ASL as well.  Examples include Plains Indian Sign Languages (PISL), Black ASL, Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ), Inuit Sign Language, Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM), and many more. Check out the American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Blog to learn more about this!

What’s the Sign? is a web app, which means it is an app that runs on any web browser. Simply type “” on a browser and start searching for new signs!

The reason why What’s the Sign? is subscription-based because the team is constantly adding new content and updating current content in the dictionary. Your subscription helps the What’s the Sign? continue to create new and exciting content based on the latest linguistics research and community creations!

What’s the Sign? was intentionally priced low for an individual subscriber. Please have your family and friends subscribe to What’s the Sign? and support the Deaf actors, Deaf authors and the Deaf community!

Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball. We don’t know what the pricing will be like in the future. The only way to ensure your price is “locked” in is by becoming – and staying – as a subscriber. This locks in your monthly/annual subscription fee. 

Send an email to [email protected] and request for a cancellation. When you cancel, your subscription will end after the last day of your pre-paid subscription. If you ever forget a sign or need to look one up again, we at What’s the Sign? will be delighted to have you back!

Don’t see your question here? Send an email to [email protected]


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